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Do you know that allotments are a great hobby providing exercise without having to go to expensive gyms or run around in lycra and you get to eat healthy vegetables and fruit and have wonderful cut flowers for your home.

Our allotments are an important part of our community and we are fortunate to provide as many as twenty-four allotments at Birgage Road. We are delighted that they offer so many parishioners the chance to ‘grow their own’ and there is generally  a short waiting list.

The fact that we have full occupancy together with the undoubted skill, care and effort of the tenants means that our site is extremely well tended and provides a welcome open green space within the heart of our village.

If you would like to become an allotment holder then please contact our Parish Clerk for further details. You can download the Tennancy Agreement by clicking on the link here:    Allotment tanancy Agreement