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Hawkesbury has a very active community with nine Parish Councillors and one employed staff member serving a population of approximately 1,263 and an electorate of 1030.  

The civil parish of Hawkesbury encompasses the habitations of Little Badminton, Hawkesbury Upton, Hawkesbury and Inglestone Common and is situated within the Cotswold Edge Ward of South Gloucestershire Council.

The Parish is part of the well walked Cotswold Way and historical sites within the Parish include the Somerset Monument, The Pound, Drovers Pool, The Plain and several Grade II listed buildings.  Hawkesbury Upton and Hawkesbury are within a conservation area which was granted on 19th August 1981 (amended in 1999).

St Mary’s Church has two cemeteries one of which is closed; Hawkesbury Parish Council is responsible for the open cemetery.

There are 2 pubs, a shop, post office, primary school and village hall (Hawkesbury Parish Council are holding trustees), 23 allotment plots and a waiting list with many allotment holders showing their produce at the annual agricultural show.