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Chris Harding - Chair   chrisharding@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

Myself and my wife, Julia, have lived on Inglestone Common for the last 34 years and wouldn’t live anywhere else. Both of our daughters attended Hawkesbury School and subsequently KLB; and still live locally. In the past I have been chairman of the School PTA and in 2016 I was deeply involved in setting up the Hawkesbury Community Shop which is now thriving. I am a retired Chartered Surveyor and I now feel that I can help the Parish Council serve the community.



Hazel Jones-Parish Clerk  hazeljones@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

I moved to Hawkesbury Upton in 2002 with my husband, and over the years I have been involved with Preschool/Toddlers/two years Chair of the PTA and a volunteer for the local shop. Our daughter attends KLB school. I was appointed as the Parish Clerk and RFO (Responsible Financial Officer) in November 2009.

 My normal working days are Monday and Tuesdays.


Sue Hope  Sue.Hope@southglos.gov.uk

My family have lived in the village for nearly 40 years, - loving it so much, we moved three times in the village.  I have been part of pre-school, PTA and the Village Hall committees during that time, as well as being involved in many other village organisations.   I have been a parish councillor for many years – and served as the local councillor since 1991. My husband and I started our exhibition design business in Chipping Sodbury (now moved to Yate) in 1984.




John Ruthven  - Vice Chair  johnruthven@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

I have lived in Hawkesbury Upton for over twelve years with my family and have two children at the primary school. I really enjoy living in the parish and taking part in community life from skittles to Hawkesbury Horticultural Show, and want to do my bit for the parish, serving as a councillor since 2013.  I work as a TV documentary producer, giving me expertise in broadcast mass media and, increasingly, digital on-line video. 



Mike Wareham  mikewareham@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

I am the newest parish councillor having joined the council in December 2015 after living in the village for nearly 15 years.  I moved to Scotland with my family twice in that time, returning each time to Hawkesbury with a better appreciation of just how much our village has to offer.  I have been in the Royal Navy for 34 years and consider Hawkesbury to be the first place I have really called home in that time.  Both of my children have enjoyed the primary school and my son joins my daughter at KLB later this year.  I have led complex projects for several years and am keen to use the skills I have acquired to help the parish.




Derek Higgs  derekhiggs@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

I discovered Hawkesbury Upton in 1972 with my family when I started an engineering business in the village.  We built our home in Highfields in 1981 and our two daughters were educated in the village and at KLB.  I have been a member of the PTA, a School Governor, a founding member and player of Hawkesbury Cricket Club and been captain of a village skittles team for longer than I care to remember.I have served the community as a Parish Councillor intermittently for 35 years.  Now retired, I endeavour to protect wildlife, especially birds, and I am a member of the British Trust for Ornithology.  I consider it a privilege to currently represent parishioners on the Parish Council and to help and advise whenever possible.


Andrew Musty   andrewmusty@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

I have served the parish as Councillor for the last 12 years, having joined the council in May 2004.  I have lived in Hawkesbury Upton for 23 years, with my wife Sara and our three children, who have all attended the village primary school. I value our strong community and my priority is to conserve our area of outstanding natural beauty and enhance our special way of life. Hawkesbury is a thriving rural community and I am proud to be involved in several of the annual events and groups in the village.  I am a member of the Hawkesbury Show committee and I was part of the team who first introduced the very popular, annual Christmas light switch-on which is now in its 12th year. I am also proud to be one of the founders of the Hawkesbury Bonfire Night and I'm currently a member of the Hall Committee.


Carol Powell    carolpowell@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

Generations of my father's family have lived and worked in the parish of Hawkesbury.  Apart from brief spells I have always lived in the parish.

I have been a member of Hawkesbury Primary School PTA. For many years I have been a civil servant. The future of Hawkesbury is import to me and I feel I can contribute on lots of levels in order that future generations reap the benefits.  



 Julie Stephens   juliestephens@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

I live on Inglestone Commmon, which is where I
was raised in the '60's and '70's. I am very passionate about the local area
as my parents lived here for over 50 years, as did my great-grandparents
before them. I went to Hawkesbury Primary school, leaving there in 1977 to attend
Katharine Lady Berkeley's School. All four of my children subsequently
followed in my footsteps by attending KLB too!

I studied Geography at Birmingham University and was awarded a degree in 1988 and a Ph.D in 1992. My late parents felt that local councillors greatly assisted them in their ageing years. I hope I can now 'give something back' and endeavour to help  others living in our local community.

John Turner   JohnTurner@hawkesbury-pc.gov.uk

My wife Carol and I moved to Hawkesbury 3 years ago after living here on a part time basis for many years. I know the area very well and first came to the village in 1969 when my future father –in- law, Bert Hutchinson, kept the Fox Inn. I love living in the village and am keen to make a contribution to village life. Now enjoying retirement, I was a former physical sciences teacher, teacher training lecturer and Open University tutor in South East Wales for most of my working life. I was also an elected member of Torfaen County Borough Council for 17 years and was Cabinet member for Education & Young people for 9 years.      

                                                  As a former Community  Council Clerk I have a good background knowledge of local government and how it works. Other                                                                activities & interests include managing an out of school club, being a member of the HVT, gardening, family history, steam                                                              heritage and travel.